UK Visas Today aims at helping large, medium and small businesses in achieving their financial goals. We take personal interest in gradual development at every stage to help clients take their businesses to the next level. Our Financial consultancy services offered are aimed to provide you the best possible financial solution available on international level in a most cost effective manner. We not only analyze the ability of the respective business to invest but also scrutinize their overall capacity and experience they might possess with an aim to help them achieve the financial freedom they deserve. Every request for funding is minutely examined with an aim to find the most suitable  financial solution for its sound future. Therefore, we offer a blend of contemporary and innovative financial solutions of the modern age to all businesses in our recommendations. 

Combating financial hardships of Individuals

Millions of individuals are suffering financial hardships through-out this country due to a lack of financial resources, mainly cash. Student loan debt has reached an all-time high. Foreclosures are also at all-time high levels and there are too many people unemployed most of whom have simply stopped looking for work all together. Debt and inflation has placed a huge financial burden on the U.K. economy as a whole. However, financial assistance is available for such individuals.

Due to the terrible state of the economy a special Financial Aid Grant Program offered by our affiliate company is available to assist individuals, families and small business owners who are in need of financial assistance. If you are one of the millions of individuals who fall into the above category and need financial help then please contact us.

Joint Venture offered

In addition to debt elimination and student loan grants, the grant program offers grants to business owners who are in need of financial assistance. The grant program company occasionally will receive requests for Joint Venture assistance from clients who cannot afford to contribute the 10% minimum towards their business grant. In this case, the grant program company will forward the client’s proposal to a list of our JV investors. The JV will contribute the 10% if he/she likes the project. The client and the JV will agree on what percentage of equity the JV will receive. Interested clients can approach us for details.

Capital Enhancement Business Grants

Capital Enhancement Business Grants are available to small business owners to reduce their current debt and to increase their productivity by providing capital infusion. The grant can also be used for starting a business. The minimum grant amount is $25,000, with a maximum of $2.5M per grant. There are no limits on the amount of grants a business can apply for. Acceptance into this program is by invitation only. 

Secured Loans

Small businesses looking to expand can benefit from our ability to arrange a BG in favour of their bank, which will use this BG as a collateral security and fetch them secured loans. These loans can range between US$ 100,000 to US$ 10 million or even more. BG can be arranged at competitive rates from top rated banks of U.K. Clients interested in such loans may contact us for further details. 

The one big reason for you to come to UK Visas Today is that you would maximize your chances of success and be completely assured of having made the right decision based on your financial abilities. We are in the field of Finance and Economy with over 5 years of experience and expertise and are committed to give financial freedom to businesses and individuals. We have helped many businesses so far and will continue to support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals in the coming years. 

At UK Visas Today, we offer personal guidance and expertise at all stages of loan procedure. Our counsellors provide comprehensive information, care and support for the financial opportunities and also help businesses to devise steps needed to make a successful loan application. We study each case individually via personal contact with the client and recommend the most appropriate financial program corresponding to the desires, ability, motivation and vocation of each client. We also provide guidance for Venture Capitalist loans, Grants and Going Public options in some of the countries.

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