Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration
Immigration rules are changing all over the world. Canada has also amended its immigration rules. Under the new rules, people belonging to certain walks of life have a priority over others, if they wish to migrate to Canada. We can help you migrate to Canada in a short span of eight months. This migration is subject to your personal, financial and job related circumstances.

There are three programs under which you can migrate to Canada:
PROGRAM 1: Skilled Workers
PROGRAM 2: Businessmen
PROGRAM 3: Students


Under this category, you can qualify to become a successful Canadian migrant, if you score 67 out of 100 points. Your case is likely to be processed within a short span of 6 - 8 months. However, you must obtain a "Permit to Apply" for Canadian Immigration. To get this permit, a prospective immigrant must fall in one of the following three sub-categories:

1.Simplified Application Process (SAP)
2.Priority Occupation List (POL) or
3.Arranged Employment Credit (AEC) / Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO).

Sub-Category 1: SAP
The prospective immigrant must be in Canada on a work permit or study permit for a year and score 67 points.

Sub-Category 2: POL
The prospective immigrant must have worked for at least one year (within the last ten years) in one of the occupations appearing on the new Priority Occupation List (POL) and score 67 points
(NOTE: A new POL list is published every November)

Sub-Category 3: AEO/AEC
The client must have a government approved job offer from a Canadian employer 
and score 67 points or the equivalent AEC plus 67 points.

If a prospective immigrant tries to file an application now at a Canadian visa office it will be returned. If a prospective immigrant tries to apply without being in one of the three groups listed above, his/her application will be returned. It is for us to determine which sub-category would best be suited to a prospective immigrant and how should he file an application so that he/she emerges successful.

The profile of prospective immigrants who are most likely to score 67 points are someone between 30 and 50 years of age, fluent in English (or French) with a post secondary certificate or diploma of some kind that took two years of full time study to obtain and who has in addition at least 14 years of total schooling, with 4 years of work experience to their credit.

Any immigrant who does not have this profile will find that there are supplemental points available and must try to reach the 67 pass mark by attaining some of those supplemental points.

Maximum Possible Point Count:

Age                                        10
Education                             25
Language                             24
Work Experience                 21
Arranged Employment      10
Adaptability                          10
Total                                      100


There are two programs that can be used under Business migration.  One is for immigrants who want to have an active business. The other is for those who simply want to buy their visas using a passive program.

INVESTORS - This group is allowed to buy their visas.   The visas are unconditional.   The clients are not required to start a business in Canada. They must have a Net Worth of $800,000 and must have owned or managed a business in two of the last five years.   If they meet this criteria, their visas will be processed and will possibly succeed in getting the same.

ACTIVE BUSINESSMEN use the Provincial Nomination Programs. Most provinces have PNPs for businessmen.  The prospective immigrant will start by choosing the province where they plan to live.  If that province doesn't have a PNP they can choose another location.
A prospective immigrant can get temporary status for the whole family by submitting a business plan and having an interview.  Once they are in BC, they have two years to start a business.  They also have the option of giving the government a bond. Once they have done one or the other, they will get permanent resident status.


Young people often cannot score enough points. Hence the Canadian government encourages them to come to Canada as students.   If a prospective immigrant enrols in a post secondary institution that is public, he will be allowed to work while he studies. When they graduate, they will get long term open Work Permits and within a year or two will have enough points to qualify to be permanent residents.


An immigrant is expected to live in Canada for two years out of every five, otherwise they could be in danger of having their immigrant status taken away.

If you think that you qualify for Canadian Immigration under any of the above mentioned programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall evaluate your case in detail and advise you the best course of action to become a successful Canadian migrant. Our fee varies with the services provided. If interested, please e-mail your detailed CV to