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UK Visas Today is a privately-owned U.K.'s Independent Migration and Visa services for Australia. We specialize in getting project funding, private wealth management, arranging collateral security in the shape of BG/SBLC and helping small businesses in achieving their financial goals.

Our primary goal at UK Visas Today is to comply with our clients requests as if it was our own need. Moreover, we are in a constant alliance with our clients where our commitment stems from our prompt and accurate support of all financial needs. We do not charge any retainer fee upfront and aim to provide an unforgettable professional service. 

If you're moving to Australia and have applied for a visa you can utilise our Australian immi tracker to compare your Timeline with other applicants from around the globe. This should allow you to gauge when your visa may be granted.


We envision MILLENNIUM CONSULTANTS to be one of the leading financial resources to be recognised by our clients in terms of world-class services, quality, efficiency and reliability.

Advice is given on all aspects of project financing including applications for

  • Initial Equity
  • Working Capital
  • Construction costs
  • Interim Management
  • Equipment & machinery
  • Telecommunications & I.T.
  • Project Running Costs
  • Maintenance Fund
  • Unforeseen Expenses

Small & Medium Businesses helped with ---

  • Selection of appropriate funding source 
  • Selection of banking institution
  • Paying Loans in easy instalments
  • Applying & getting secured loans 
  • Preparing Feasibility Reports
  • Fund Raising Guidance under the rules 
  • JVs and private funding from VCs 
  • Grants, if available and eligible

    Business Loans and commercial funding

If you are facing problems with raising finance for taking your business to the next level, then please contact us. We are in a position to help small business muster grants at a small premium leading to financial stability in a short span of 6 - 7 months. Call us for further details 0845 6891358

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